Grass Cutting

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Lawns can sometimes make up the largest part of an outdoor space and when they are cut it can make a significant difference how your grounds can look.

Lawns can also be overcome by weeds which self seed and spread to other parts of  lawn areas and spread to paved areas and plant beds. So keeping lawns weed free can also help other areas of your premises stay weed free, which can reduce maintenance costs and help to keep all areas looking tidier.

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Our additional grass maintenance services can help you keep a more weed free environment throughout your premises and range from selective lawn weed killing to lawn fertilisation which encourages healthier looking lawn areas. Our grass cutting services cover large and small grass areas and can either mulch or take away your grass cuttings to suit your preferences.

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

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Gecko Grounds Maintenance

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Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Innovative Equipment for a Quieter, Greener Service

At Gecko we know that noisy tradesmen working outside the workplace can be quite a distracting thing. Through investment in the latest technology, we can offer a low noise working solution for your work place.

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