Litter Clearing, Pressure Washing & Winter Gritting

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Pressure Washing

Keeping paved areas clean can have a number of benefits. Over time algae can form on the surface of paved areas and can become a slipping hazard, especially when wet. A clean and tidy paved area cannot only enhance the look of an area but can also make the area much safer underfoot. Also by keeping these areas reasonably clean it discourages weeds from forming on or in between paving which helps to prolong the longevity of paved areas.

As much as we admire the work of some of the street artists out there in the communities graffiti can often  be an eye soar and turn up in the least expected areas. As an additional service we provide a graffiti removal service. If unwanted graffiti should appear on your property then Gecko can provide a swift and effective graffiti removal service which can return your outside area to it’s former graffiti free state.

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Litter Clearing & Rubbish Removal

Litter and rubbish can be an unsightly hazard for any outdoor space and can attract unwanted pests if left uncleared. Keeping outdoor spaces free of litter and waste not only benefits a clean and tidy area but also provides a clean and tidy environment for wild life. Here at Gecko we offer a comprehensive Litter and waste clearing service that disposes of waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner and use only registered waste recycling centres. We are a fully licensed and insured waste carrier service so you can be safe with the knowledge that your waste is being handled in a responsible and safe manner.

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Winter Gritting

Keeping employees, visitors and the general public safe is always a priority. We offer a winter gritting service that uses white salt which is a lot less messy than the traditional brown salt that is commonly used. Let us take the trouble out keeping your outdoor walkways and roads safe and trouble free.

Gecko Grounds Maintenance

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Weed Control

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Gecko Grounds Maintenance

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Business Parks

Tailored maintenance solutions for professional landscapes


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Gecko Grounds Maintenance

Innovative Equipment for a Quieter, Greener Service

At Gecko we know that noisy tradesmen working outside the workplace can be quite a distracting thing. Through investment in the latest technology, we can offer a low noise working solution for your work place.

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